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Website Design, SEO, e-commerce and email campaigns.

A CMS should allow you to easily control your website content, keep content current and control access and administration with just some basic knowledge. In addition to the function of creating, deleting and managing the pages through out your website, a good CMS might offer an array of optional features that can be coded into your website at any time. This allows you to develop and grow your site as your business grows.

Our knowlege of content management systems is always evolving, safeguarding your websites against compatibility issues and keeping up with SEO best practices. We work predominantly with Concrete 5 and Squarespace, two modern and actively developed platforms renown for their ease-of-use and reliability. We chat through the options and suitablitiy with you as part of the estimation process.


Digital Services

Website Design and Development
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Information Architecture
Email Marketing
Domain and hosting setup


Squarespace is a proprietary hosted CMS. With a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, there's almost no downtime, and nothing to install, patch, or upgrade. It's very easy to use and it's revolutionary LayoutEngine technology gives you the freedom to create visually rich pages with text, images, or blocks via simple drag and drop interface.  We use it for this website.


Concrete 5 is a free Open Source CMS available as a hosted or install anywhere solution. Concrete 5 has modern and intuitive in page editing for you and deep customisation for the developer. C5 has an active and supportive community. If you have previously used older systems such as Joomla or Wordpress then Concrete 5 will feel like a breath of fresh air.